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Women's Writing Circles

Women's Writing Circles provide a supportive and nurturing space for women to curate and share the stories of their lives. This facilitated group uses creative writing as a vehicle for self-exploration and personal growth.  

We will share our hopes and dreams, our challenges and triumphs. We will empower our writer's voice to bring forth our inner brilliance.  


Through writing and storytelling, we come to recognize the value of our individual and shared experience, while giving voice to the deepest yearnings of the soul.


All writing types are welcome, and no formal writing experience is required. 

Women's Writing Circles for Personal Development and Creative Writing



Women’s Writing Circles grew out of a deep desire to support “sagey” women longing to create deeply meaningful lives using creative writing as a vehicle for self-exploration and personal growth.  

We all want to live in the world in a meaningful way, and stories are our meaning makers.  By writing and sharing our stories within a supportive small group of women, we grow, heal and evolve together.

What we will do:

  • Tap into our creativity by using writing as a means for personal exploration and growth.

  • Develop our writer’s voice within a supportive, facilitated group setting.

  • Curate stories from our lives that shaped our sense of self and place in the world.

  • Explore different types of writing to stretch our imagination.

  • Create connection within a community of consciously evolving women.

What we are and are not:

WWC is a facilitated writing group supporting creative expression and personal development where members provide reflective feedback (e.g., what resonated for you, what grab your attention, what generated curiosity, what touched you emotionally, etc.).


WWC is not a critique group where writers receive editorial feedback on specific aspects of their written work.

When women come together and share their stories, remarkable things happen.

Groups are forming now.  
For more information or to reserve your spot contact Denny...

What women are saying…
Denny has nurtured a safe space where I have been able to share my stories and connect with the humanity of others. 
~ Elizabeth O.
Denny’s nurturing guidance has cultivated trust and individual risk-taking. Her writing prompts have invited me to approach my pieces with both courage and playfulness. Because of her commitment and guidance, I have a wealth of pieces I’m proud of and a direction to continue my work. 
~ Nicole L.
Denny has inspired me to stretch myself and explore writing and self-expression in ways I had never thought of. The safety she has created in our group has allowed me and others to explore and share authentically. 
~ Debbi N. 
I never considered myself a writer before joining this group. Denny served up a monthly writing challenge that built skill, self-awareness, and life-long friendships. 
~ Veronica F.
Denny’s prompts are creative and thought-provoking. Through her gentle and encouraging guidance, I have gained insights into myself, my relationships and developed dreams that I never imagined. I strongly encourage anyone considering working with Denny to take the leap! You won’t be sorry!
~ Kathleen B.
Denny is great! 
- Tiffani B.

Duration, Frequency & Size:

This 6-month creative writing and discussion-based facilitated group focusing on topics related to our lives, our hopes and dreams, our challenges and overcomings.  

The group meets once a month for two hours and consists of 5-6 members. Writing prompts are provided a month in advance of each session to allow members time to work on their writing piece.  In-person and virtual formats available with quarterly starts.


Commitment: Each member is commitment to using creative writing as a vehicle for personal exploration and growth.  Each member commits to attending monthly meetings and honoring the groups’ Principle & Practices.

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