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Life Enhancement Coaching

Life Enhancement Coaching provides a powerful and unique relationship designed to create significant change and sustainable results in your life. 


I use a unique blend of methodologies to move women beyond limitations and into the fertile ground of possibility. This enables women to live their best lives.  My methods include: (1) creative expression, (2) personal narrative, and (3) coaching.

Life Enhancement Coaching for Women
Heroine's Journey Coaching Program
Heroine's Journey Life Enhancement Coaching Program for Women

Background on the Heroine’s Journey:

In the classic sense, the Heroine’s Journey is a story of a maiden who leaves behind the world she knows and ventures into an unknown land in search of something missing from her life. Along the way, she encounters both allies and enemies. She faces many tests of courage and wit as she struggles to find her way back home. 

The Heroine’s Journey is every woman’s journey.  It is a journey of transformation—from what was to what could be. By facing our fears and honoring our gifts, we reclaim our authentic power and give voice to the greatest longings of our soul. 

Heroine’s Journey Coaching Program Overview

This engaging and evocative 12- coaching program explores your life as a modern day mythic journey. You will uncover the archetypal energy and defining stories that shaped your life. 


The 1:1 coaching relationship creates a safe space for you to share your thoughts, feelings and insights while gaining new perspectives about your life and life’s longings.


Each month a different aspect of the Heroine’s Journey will be explored. Personal exploration exercises are provided well in advance of each coaching session to allow time for reflection. 

Heroine's Journey Life Enhancement Coaching Program for Women
Heroine's Journey Life Enhancement Coaching Program for Women


  • Increase self-awareness and self-compassion

  • Reconnect with your inner wisdom and intuitive guidance

  • Reclaim your true voice and authentic power

  • Discover your Heroine archetype and how it has shaped your life

  • Uncover core wounds and innate gifts

  • Reclaim your true voice and authentic power

  • Rekindle your passion and ignite your creativity

  • Awaken to a greater purpose

  • Create a beautiful life

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