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The Heroine’s Journey: 
A Personal Transformation Odyssey 

Are you...
  • Seeking a supportive community of women where you feel connected, empowered and encouraged to grow, heal and evolve?

  • Interested in using creative writing for self-expression and personal growth?

  • Longing to develop your writer’s voice by writing and sharing stories from your life?

  • Wanting to grow as a writer by exploring a dynamic, mythic framework based on the Heroine's Journey?

  • Excited to see where this journey could take you?

Heroine's Journey Creative Writing Program for Women



In the classic sense, the Heroine’s Journey is a story of a maiden who leaves behind the world she knows and ventures into an unknown land. Here she encounters both allies and enemies as she struggles to find her way back home forever changed.


For us, the Heroine’s Journey is every woman’s journey.  It is a journey of transformation—from what was to what could be. By facing our fears with courage, we reclaim our authentic power and give voice to the greatest longings of our soul. 


In this program, we will explore our lives as a modern-day mythic journey seen through the eyes of our individual and collective experience. This program uses writing as a vehicle for creative exploration and personal development. 

We will share stories of struggle and tales of triumph. We will create space for each woman to speak her truth. We will honor each woman’s process knowing innate wisdom guides us on the path to wholeness.



This program focuses on creative writing as a vehicle for personal exploration and growth within a supportive community of consciously evolving women. 

Each month, we will focus on a different aspect of the Heroine’s Journey – Invocation, Initiation, Integration. Background information for each topic and writing prompts will be distributed the preceding month to allow time for reflection, creative exploration, and writing. 

  • Meets for 2 hours once monthly for 12 months

  • Each session includes a centering practice, check in, sharing written work, and discussion

  • Writing is done between sessions based on prompts related to each phase of the Heroine’s Journey—Invocation, Initiation, Integration

  • Your willingness to explore your inner and outer journey through writing, and a commitment to attend each monthly session, is all that is required

  • No formal writing experience is necessary

  • Groups are limited to six participants

Join us in exploring our lives as mythic journey – from what was to what could be. Cross the threshold, enter the void and empower your Heroine Within.

What women are saying…
Denny has nurtured a safe space where I have been able to share my stories and connect with the humanity of others. 
~ Elizabeth O.
Denny’s nurturing guidance has cultivated trust and individual risk-taking. Her writing prompts have invited me to approach my pieces with both courage and playfulness. Because of her commitment and guidance, I have a wealth of pieces I’m proud of and a direction to continue my work. 
~ Nicole L.
Denny has inspired me to stretch myself and explore writing and self-expression in ways I had never thought of. The safety she has created in our group has allowed me and others to explore and share authentically. 
~ Debbi N. 
I never considered myself a writer before joining this group. Denny served up a monthly writing challenge that built skill, self-awareness, and life-long friendships. 
~ Veronica F.
Denny’s prompts are creative and thought-provoking. Through her gentle and encouraging guidance, I have gained insights into myself, my relationships and developed dreams that I never imagined. I strongly encourage anyone considering working with Denny to take the leap! You won’t be sorry!
~ Kathleen B.
Denny is great! 
- Tiffani B.



Program includes:

  • 12 Facilitated virtual meetings

  • Monthly writing prompts and personal development exercises

  • Connection to kindred community

  • Encouragement to discover, grow and heal

  • Support to develop your writer’s voice

  • Inspiration to create 12+ written works

Heroine's Journey Creative Writing Program for Women

Groups are forming now.  
For more information or to reserve your spot email Denny:

When women come together and share their stories, remarkable things happen.

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