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Sitting outside in the backyard on a beautiful spring afternoon provides a momentary respite from the disquiet raging around the world. I listen to birds sing and am reminded of how deeply music nourishes the soul. I feel the warmth on my shoulders and know the sun will rise again tomorrow with the beauty of dawn and the promise of a new day. I watch a sinuous garter snake make its way across the concrete path and remember that despite the twists and turns of life, we can only move forward from where we are right now. I witness a bumblebee visiting a marigold and am reassured that life’s sweetness is only an arm’s reach away. I relish the soft breeze whispering past my body and breathe in, feeling grateful for this nourishing breath of life.

I notice white clouds moving slowly across the blue sky and understand that the key to life is accepting what is amid the ever-changing winds of life. As the bud in the maple tree above breaks open to give rise to its leaf, I know letting go of what was allows for what will be. Sitting here now, among nature’s bounty and grace, I open my soul to the infinite possibilities of a life not yet complete.

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