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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

Ode To My Orphaned Self

Although I grew up in a family of many, I often felt alone and apart from others. Through my own Heroine’s Journey, I have finally come to a place of self-acceptance and appreciate for all that I am. The following is a poem I penned in response to this struggle and ultimate redemption.

Ode to My Orphaned Self


Odd eyed


His favorite ‘whipping boy’

Twisted into acceptability

Fierce fire burning within

An avenger of wrongdoing

A life of overcoming

Searching for a way out

Or a way around

Or through the shadows

Into the light

Giving rise to dreams

Precious and tender

Held close to heart

So not to be stolen

Succumbing to fear

Time and time again

Knees bloodied in supplication

Curses and prayers

Cried into the heavens

Rising again


But softer

Rough edges rubbed smooth

Searching for connection

With others

With god

With myself

Wanting to touch hearts

And hands

And souls

Wanting to cultivate beauty

And goodness

And kindness


To love and be loved, deeply

To belong

To explore and risk and push beyond boundaries

Into life’s sweet exhilaration