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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

My Grand Adventure

I am open to a new adventure in this, my third act of life. Perhaps it will be my grandest adventure of all. To embark on this Grand Adventure, I must travel light, which means leaving excess baggage behind—those past hurts and future worries; those lingering resentments that shackle me from leaping fully into joy.

I need to leave them all in the dust, including those “could haves,” “should haves,” “would haves” and the well-worn measuring stick that I have used for years to beat myself up for not being perfect. I need to drop them and walk away.

For this, my Grand Adventure I will bring my most loving, forgiving, creative, and courageous self forward to face life full on. I will find every opportunity to live into those precious moments where my soul feels free; where my spirit shines the brightest; and where my heart sings the song of a journey well traveled.

This Grand Adventure will be filled with the people I love and flowers and strong morning coffee. It will be filled with creative expression that nourishes my artistic self and stretches me beyond what I thought possible.

It will be filled with fun and silliness and child-like wonder. It will be bedazzled with laughter and deep gratitude for all that I have. And it will be filled with good deeds, and caring hugs, and a humble reverence for God’s eternal grace.

My Grand Adventure will be peppered with moments of ecstasy experienced through emersion with nature’s beauty and the mind-bending vastness of our star-studded Universe.

And maybe, just maybe, my Grand Adventure during this, my third and final act of life, will include true love with a partner with whom I can laugh and cry, share meaningful experiences, and hold tenderly at night with a warm and appreciative heart.

But if not, there are always dogs.