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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

Happiness is...

Happiness is having a cozy home in which to live and a neighborhood filled with friendly people in which to stroll.

Happiness is that feeling of accomplishment that emerges after a job well done.

Happiness is playing with my dog, CP, and seeing her eager game-on-face beckoning me to throw the ball just one more time.

Happiness is waking in the morning with purpose and going to bed each night with the awareness that I contributed to the betterment of the world this day.

Happiness is a radiant spark of inspiration that comes when my creative well has run dry.

Happiness is the joy of nature when discovering a Momma Robin has built a nest in the rafters just outside my backdoor.

Happiness is feeling excitement for the day ahead.

Happiness is the sanctity of a heartfelt conversation with a dear friend.

Happiness is imbuing my life with just enough sass to keep things interesting.

Finally, happiness is taking pleasure in this day, this moment, this breath knowing that life is good and God has my back.