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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

God is a Waitress in the Sky

God is like a friendly waitress in the sky

Who has worked

At the local diner

For as long as you can remember

She stands patiently at your side

Pen and pad in hand

While you pour over a long list of menu items

That seems to go on forever

Sweet, salty, spicy, hot

With, without cheese

Plain, a la mode

If you aren’t ready

She’ll come back later

Give you some time

To get yourself together

Sometimes small talk leads

To confessions

Which She absorbs

Like the grease on her ruffled white apron

She might try steering you clear

Of less savory options

Which you can choose to ignore

Because that’s your prerogative

She doesn’t much care what you order

But that you order something

After all

You are taking up valuable real estate

When you’re ready

She jots down on Her little pad

Whatever you select

And goes away for a while

You never know for how long

When you’re really hungry

It seems to take forever

Sometimes she plans it that way

To build character

Because that’s Her prerogative

When your order finally arrives

It can look and smell and taste

Just the way you like it

That makes you happy inside

Or it might look and smell and taste


Which makes you angry

“This is NOT what I asked for!" you yell

But She knows better

With a smile

She turns, and with a slight roll of Her eyes,

Walks back to the kitchen

Where She has a good laugh