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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

Freedom Comes in Fits and Starts

Freedom is not something given freely. It is earned across time and through life circumstances that bring us to our knees where we supplicate to a greater calling, a greater need than our own small existence.

Freedom comes in fits and starts calling us from beyond our shortsighted knowing. It strips us down to essence where beauty and courage dwell side by side, intertwined with hope and determination.

Freedom is not our birthright and anyone who tells you otherwise is feeding you a pack of lies.

No, freedom is born of struggle, of living captive within a world, or one’s mind, that fights against your very desire to be real, and true, and whole.

Freedom makes no excuses for itself. It knows it is not won easily.

To be free—to get free—requires the conviction of one thousand stars shining their light until, at some immeasurable point in time, they surrender their light to that which is not light, and in that, the star finds a new freedom never before experienced.

So, when life gets you down or shackles you to some vestige of your former self, rebel against that bondage, that tethered belief that you are less than you are because you are more, so much more.

You are those thousand stars whose soul purpose is to shine until the shine transmutes in to that which is incomprehensible.

And within that ultimate surrender, the soul becomes free.