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© 2019 by Denny Balish

  • Denny Balish

Darkest Before Dawn

In midlife, women often begin questioning if they are living the life they truly want.

Perhaps they have sacrificed creative pursuits in service of work and family or spent years in a career that no longer fulfills or challenges them. Maybe they want to find new ways of using their unique skills and talents while contributing to the greater good.

They may even feel like they have squandered valuable time going after “shiny objects” that failed to feed their soul.

Living an unfulfilled life is emotionally painful and energetically draining.

It causes a plethora of issues in every area of life including personal and professional strivings. It disquiets the mind, stresses the body, and dampens the spirit leaving one, at the end of their days, with little more than deep regret.

But there is hope because it is never too late to live the life you really want.

A new day is dawning. Can you hear itcalling out to you?