Women's Writing Circles grew out of a desire to use creative writing as a vehicle for personal development within a supportive community of evolving women. No formal writing experience is required. 

  • Heroine’s Journey – 12-session writing and discussion-based group focused on our quest for wholeness using the Heroine’s Journey format. Writing prompts are made available in advance of each live session.


  • Write On! – 6-session writing and discussion-based group focusing on topics related to personal development.  Writing prompts are made available in advance of each live session. Ongoing series with new prompts for each session offering.

In Person and Virtual Formats

Master Your Energy, Change Your Life: Introduces the two forces that create your life every minute of every day. Explores the Seven Levels of Energy™and how these relate to levels of consciousness. Learn how to shift your energy from lower to higher states leading to greater satisfaction in life. 

Workshop, MasterMind Group, and eCourse Formats

Heroine’s Journey: A Path to Wholeness – Explore your life as mythic journey. Discover your heroine archetype and follow her on her quest for wholeness – from what was to what can be. Cross the threshold, enter the void and empower your Heroine Within. 

MasterMind Group, Workshop, eCourse and Retreat Formats

The Power of Personal Myth – A personal development exploration using creative writing and storytelling to explore how one’s life is shaped and inspired by the stories that live within.

Workshop and eCourse Formats

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