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Energy Leadership Coaching

Energy Leadership™ Coaching is for leaders who want to enhance their leadership capacity while raising their overall level of awareness. This program helps you formulate a plan of action to break through obstacles limiting your success, while building powerful skills to help you lead more effectively. 

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Energy Leadership™ is the process that develops a personally effective style of leadership that positively influences and changes not only yourself, but also those with whom you work and interact, as well as your organization as a whole.

Energy Leadership™ Coaching helps you:

  • Manage conflict with greater ease.

  • Use intuition for effortless decision-making.

  • Communicate effectively and persuasively.

  • Engage and collaborate more effectively.

  • Lead from the heart guided by wisdom.

  • Create empowered cultures.

Energy Leadership™ Development Coaching Program includes:


1) Energy Leadership™Index Assessment (ELI) – is a one-of-a-kind assessment that measures your current and potential self-leadership ability and your overall energy for success by your level of consciousness – your awareness about who you are and how you perceive the world.  


2) Energy Leadership™ Debrief – an individualized discovery session that reviews the findings from your ELI Assessment, answers questions, and discusses developmental possibilities. The realizations that you'll gain from the Energy Leadership assessment and debrief process alone will change the way you view your world.


3) Coaching Sessions – select from a series of coaching packages that include: customized assignments, document/homework review and email support.

Enlightened leaders bring greater consciousness to the workplace...and the world!

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