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Career Transition Coaching

Career Transition Coaching is for individuals in all phases of job and career transition who seek to purposefully align their skills and abilities with a rewarding career.


Incorporates job search best practices and mindfulness practices to decrease stress and improve overall job search effectiveness. 


The program includes: 

  • Career Assessment - Clarify career direction, goals and objectives.

  • Career Transition Plan - develop career transition plan.

  • Resume & Cover Letter – review current resume review and revision support; cover letter draft.

  • Customized Marketing Program – provides a leading edge in a competitive market.  Includes: Elevator Speech, Individualized Interview Q&A, Marketing Handbill, and Success Stories.

  • Networking Strategies – learn highly effective networking strategies.

  • LinkedIn – profile optimization and best practices for networking and job search.

  • Interview Coaching - to hone effectiveness and boost confidence.

  • Negotiation Support – reviewing and negotiating offer for maximum results.

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